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If you have ever played casino establishments, you may hear a lot of stories, about gamblers, who lose all of their money at the beloved slots or a poker games. Unfortunately, casinos are extremely risky places, where every single mistake can cost you extremely expensive price, so you should always stay concentrated and analyze the situation what is happening around you. No matter which kind of casino you are going to gamble, real ones or online, staying self-confident will always help you to look on the situation from a sober sight with bonuses form here https://joocasinoau.com/bonuses. Moreover, gambling services, are providing some things, which they definitely don’t want you to know, and today we are going to tell you about them.


The list of casino secrets

  1. First of all it should be said, that all of the alcohol drinks, which can be found in casino establishments, will make you feel drunk, as a result less concentrated, and lose more funds in the cost of the gambling service. Such a thing is working only in land-based casinos, not mentioning this fact will be a complete crime. Casinos don’t want you to know that alcohol is make you lose more.
  2. Of course gambling service’s owners don’t want you to know about the time what is outside, so pay your attention on windows at casino halls, and you won’t find any, because it’s absence will make you feel lost in time, and continue to gamble, as a result more money in the casino budget.
  3. The similar thing to previous one is about the absence of clocks in casino halls.
  4. Let’s talk about the online casino establishments now. Many gamblers know about the return to player rate, which all of the machine type gambling games has, but not all of them know the secret of this value. RTP percentage won’t reach 100% at any costs. RTP is showing how much funds you will return to you in average, where 100% is a full sum of your deposit. The average RTP is about 95 %, so in average, you will lose 5% from your deposit funds.
  5. Bright wrappers of online slot machines have made only for diverting your attention on it, and won’t pay attention on your losses. The result will be more gambled hours, and more lost deposit funds.

As it was said before gambling is a risky activity, but those people who don’t risk, won’t win. However, to play or not to play, is a choice of everyone. So, good luck everyone!

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