The 10 Essential Dishes of Thai Cuisine

We bring you the selection of the best Thai food dishes. These are very easy to find and practically all the restaurants in the country prepare it. If you are a lover of Asian cuisine, surely you know many of them and some others may surprise you.

Get to know Thai gastronomy

1. Tomyum


Tomyum is a spicy soup, which is served in several options such as prawns, seafood, chicken or other meat. With a combination of Thai herbs and a unique flavor, in just one spoon of Tomyum, you could taste all the flavors of salty, sour, and spicy. You should try this essential dish on your Thailand trip.

2. Somtum


Somtum is a green papaya salad. Typical dish from the northeast of Thailand, it contains green papaya, dried prawns, tomato, fish sauce, garlic, lime juice, and sugar. You can ask for glutinous rice to accompany the dish. The perfect choice for the hottest days.

3. Sticky rice with mango


The common thinking is these two foods not to get along very well eachother. However, you will be surprised when you try it. Cooking the glutinous rice with coconut milk and a little sugar, the mixture with fresh mango makes a special flavor.

4. Pad Thai


It could be considered as the most international Thai dish. Pad Thai is a type of rice noodle that is cooked in a pan. This dish is made of noodles, eggs, tofu, peanuts, prawns and soy sauce, fish sauce, tamarind and sugar. It is usually served with ground peanuts, a piece of lime and red pepper on one side of the plate, Pad Thai is one of our favorite dishes.

5. Gaeng kiew wan


Gaeng Kiew Wan, known as green curry, is prepared with coconut milk, chicken or meat and a special curry mixture. Being a dish with a smoother flavor, it becomes the ideal choice if you have a low tolerance to spicy.

6. Pad grapao


Grapao in Thai means basil. Pad grapao is a simple dish with meat and soy sauce, fish sauce. The “must” ingredient is, of course, the basil. One of the specialties preferred by the Thais, the Pad grapao is another of the recommendations on your trip to Thailand. You will not regret.

7. Kuay Teow Moo Daeng


Considered as a street food, this delicious noodle soup with pork is impossible to find outside of Thailand. It is a vegetable broth cooked for hours with the result of a spectacular flavor. Pork brings a special touch to this street delicacy.

8. Panaeng


It is a type of red Thai curry. It is prepared with a special paste of curry and coconut milk. The flavor is not very strong, not too spicy and with a very creamy texture. It is usually combined with chicken, pork or beef.

9. Té frío con leche


The typical Thai drink. With its sweet and refreshing taste it is perfect for a hot summer day. It is served with common milk, condensed milk, sugar and typical tea of Thailand.

10. Pancakes crujientes

pancakes-crujientesIt is one of the most popular desserts for Thais. They can be found in all markets and street stalls. It is served with fried flour in soybean oil to give it a crunchy and tasty texture. It is usually served with condensed milk and sugar. It is optional to add extras to taste.

That’s why you should not forget to take this list of dishes to try during your stay.

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