The elephant, “chang” in Thai, is the national symbol of Thailand. Throughout Thailand’s history, elephants have played an important role in society. They have been their partners and have helped Thais as a means of transport, in hard work and also in wars. That is why, thanks to their help, they are considered sacred animals.

Discover what the Baan Chang Elephant Park is

Today elephants have sadly become too important a tourist attraction. An infinite number of elephant camps entertain tourists by forcing these animals into all kinds of unnatural activities. Create dubious works of art, play soccer or carry heavy chairs damaging their back among others. Unacceptable living conditions for an animal that has helped society so much. The abuse of elephants has been and continues to be a major problem in Thailand. Fortunately, every day there are more non-profit foundations that make a great effort to change this trend . From One More Destination, we want to introduce our favorite: Baan Chang Elephant Park.


In Baan Chang everything works differently. You will get to know the life of the caregivers, called “Mahout”, and learn about the life given to elephants. Our specialists, each sentimentally attached to an elephant, will teach you the basic techniques of being a true mahout and give you the necessary information about Thai elephants. Baan chang is located in a specially prepared environment for the elephant. No strength techniques or chains are used and, of course, in no case are chairs used on their backs.

Baan Chang’s goal is to adopt and save endangered, exploited and abused elephants in other camps and circuses. They provide the home for the elephants with the help and support of visitors who can use the day to learn how to care for an elephant thanks to the lessons of the professionals of the foundation.

As their caretakers explain to us, it is hard work and, although on several occasions they want to leave the camp, it is impossible for them to do so because of the intense connection they establish with the animal. It is easy to recognize this union and the reactions of the elephants from the moment you arrive at their facilities.

Baan Chang is against the practice of separating baby elephants from their mother and is also against training elephants to paint, dance and sit with two legs. Such unnatural, cruel and abusive practices are considered. That’s why, it’s not possible to see this kind of practices. You can feed him, walk with him and help him bathe but never force him into anything.

What will you learn about elephants in Baan Chang?

You’ll learn the importance of elephant preservation, proper nutrition and exercise methods for elephants . One method of providing exercise for elephants and also a learning experience for visitors is to allow visitors, to a limited extent, to ride and walk with elephants through the jungle. Contrary to what people believe, what damages the animal are the heavy metal chairs. Without them, the animal is able to walk through the jungle with you on its back. The incredible strength of these animals means that an 80 kg body does not cause them any pain.

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It must be remembered that after a long time abused in circuses and other camps, the elephants lose their sense of survival and it would be impossible for them to survive in the jungle on their own. That’s where the foundation comes in. A visit to Baan Chang will not only allow you to get to know these wonderful animals better. In addition, it assures you that 100% of the money goes to the care and good life of the elephants with adequate food and regular medical check-ups.

Enjoy a day surrounded by elephants!