The Thai currency is the baht (international symbol THB) and at the current exchange rate (2019) 1 baht = 0.03€, or 1€ = 34 THB. The exchange rate varies greatly and we recommend that you check during the days prior to your trip to have a more accurate reference to the date on which we have written this entry on our blog (August 2019).

Also, as we are sure that you have come to this post looking for the cost of living in Thailand we have already anticipated and calculated the actual cost of various Thai services for you to have a reference. Remember: parity calculations are made with the actual exchange rate as of August 2019, so there may be small variations in the future.

Cost of living in Thailand (in bahts and euros)

Some common product prices in Thailand, in bahts and euros, are as follows. We have divided the services by categories, so that you can consult the data in a more orderly way.

Cost of food and drink

  • Approximate price per dish in a local restaurant = 150 bahts (4,5€)
  • Approximate price per dish in a premium restaurant = 300 bahts (9€)
  • Plato take-away at street food stall = 90 bahts (3€)
  • Ration of fresh fruit at a street food stall = 30 bahts (1€)

Accommodation cost

  • Night in double room in medium quality hotel in Bangkok = 1500 bahts (45€)
  • Night in double room in medium quality hotel outside Bangkok = 750 bahts (24€)

Transport cost

  • Daily motorcycle rental = 450 bahts (15€)
  • Short trip of several minutes in tuk-tuk = 60 bahts (2€)
  • Night train Bangkok – Chiang Mai in first class = 3000 bahts (70€)
  • Boat to one of the islands (average price) = 2400 bahts (50€)

Cost of leisure and other services

  • Thai Massage = 450 bahts (12€)
  • A beer in a bar = 100 bahts (3€)
  • A T-shirt or trousers = 450 bahts (10€)

ThB coins and notes

el bath tailandes

The baht has several banknotes and coins. In the case of coins, those of lesser value (satangs) are not very common due to their almost uselessness for purchases. The breakdown of coins and baht banknotes is as follows.

Baht coins (from lowest to highest value)

  • 25 satang (equivalent to 25 cents of baht)
  • 50 satang (equivalent to 50 cents of baht)
  • 1 baht
  • 2 baht
  • 5 baht
  • 10 baht

Bath banknotes (from lowest to highest value)

  • 20 baht (green color)
  • 50 baht (blue color)
  • 100 baht (red color)
  • 500 baht (purple)
  • 1000 baht (grayish blue color)

Where to exchange currency in Thailand

In Thailand you’ll find ATMs on almost every corner, especially in cities, although cash withdrawal fees are usually quite high (200 bahts or more). At OneMoreDestination we recommend that you go to a bureau de change or a bank (stay away from airports and hotels as they offer a worse exchange rate). If you have no choice but to go to a cashpoint draw a high amount to reduce as much as possible the total cost of commissions during your trip.