Quiero un viaje a medida

Are group trips worthwhile?

If you want a quality trip at an unbeatable price run away from the mass tours in large buses.Travel designed for you keeping all the quality and an incredible price is what we recommend from OMD. A good way to get to know new cultures and to meet new travel companions.

Why at OMD we don’t do organized group trips

At One More Destination we specialize in quality travel to Southeast Asia. That’s why, whether you’re traveling alone or accompanied, we’ve prepared special trips where you’ll share memories and experiences with people.

We want to make a unique experience tailored to your concerns and needs, where it is easier to reach different places and try to get away from the typical circuits that you can find in any travel agency.

The experience of your trip is the most important thing!

Are you traveling alone?

Don’t worry, we have a lot of travellers travelling alone, and we can organise routes where we can assure you that you will be able to share a thousand and one experiences and tailor-made for you. Don’t worry, you’ll meet people and we’ll recommend where to go depending on what you’re looking for.

Are you single and can’t find who to travel with?

It’s another of the common situations we encounter, and our personalized trips are also a perfect solution for it, also known as singles trips. You can enjoy the best of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos or Cambodia. With specialist guides to make you enjoy a trip that you will want to repeat.

Don’t you know if our proposal is better than organized trips for singles?

Do not hesitate to contact us and explain what we can do for you. In our packs you will see an approximate price on the trips we have, but do not worry, then we will contact you to finish confirming and customizing the trip that best suits your needs. Getting to know Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos is going to be a real pleasure to people that we are sure you are going to love to meet, with the best guides in the cities, and totally tailored.

A different format, you will feel accompanied at every moment, and you will get much closer to the culture of the different countries. More and more people to travel alone, singles and singles trips and much more, have the advice of One More Destination, and discover a new way to travel, fleeing from organized trips that do not provide the necessary quality.