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From One More Destination, we recommend you to combine it with Vietnam or Thailand as the air links are direct. In any case, when you create your tailor-made trip, you can plan the trip according to the traveller’s taste. A combination of very different cultures that make the trip a much more complete experience. A visit to the golden pagoda of Shwedagon in Yangon combined with a visit to the elephant rescue foundation in Chiang Mai or a Halong Bay cruise. Tell us what you want and we’ll take care of everything.

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The essentials of your trip to Myanmar

Myanmar, the hidden treasure of Southeast Asia, is one of the world's most impressive destinations. Ancient Burma has remained closed to the tourist development of its neighbors and until a few years ago it was still difficult to visit. When you arrive, absolutely everything surprises, from the daily activity of the local people to the way of dressing.

Day by day, Myanmar surprises with its beauty. The country of a million stupas shines golden and the friendly smile of the local people will welcome you. Myanmar is developing at a frenetic pace and offers more and better services to the traveller every day.

destinations in Myanmar

Other places to keep in mind

In addition to the essential places in your trip to Myanmar, there are some others that you should take seriously into account. They are also magical places that deserve to be visited. Always depending on the time of travel, we can recommend the perfect route depending on your tastes. Ask us how to complete your trip to make it unforgettable.


The world knows Myanmar for its impressive temples and pagodas distributed throughout the country. Archaeological sites such as Bagan or Mrauk U, an ancestral culture and countless ethnic minorities agree. But it is also a place of paradisiacal beaches. Myanmar has impressive beaches for sea lovers.
Here are some of the beaches we like most in Myanmar.


Gastronomy in Myanmar is rich in influences. Both Thailand and India have brought a touch of their culture. Thus, it is easy to find typical Burmese dishes based on rice and various types of curry. Anyway, it would be a mistake to think that Myanmar does not have its own identity in its gastronomy. One of the greatest attractions of ancient Burma is its food.

Let us show you the delights of Myanmar!

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Details to consider when travelling to Myanmar

Myanmar is undoubtedly the most closed country in Southeast Asia. Although it is opening at an incredible rate, it is still a surprising destination because of the tradition that is maintained in every detail of everyday life. That's why you must take into account a number of points when traveling. We will start with the most basic points.

Means of
Transport in Myanmar

When you travel to a country as different as Myanmar, questions always arise about culture, infrastructure or climateThe security when moving around the country is one of them . That is why we want to solve the doubts about the means of transport.

It is important to assess the time/price ratio, whatever the duration of the journey. Thus, you could read our recommendations:

Travel tips
for Myanmar

From OneMoreDestination, we want to give you the best tips to travel to Myanmar, and that’s why in this section we’ll be publishing our latest articles so you don’t lose detail, news, good tips, destinations and much more.

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