After our previous post about the 10 essential dishes of Thai cuisine , it is time to introduce the selection of the strangest dishes . A test of fire for the most curious palates. If you want to know the most exotic food of the country, today we present the 10 strangest dishes of Thailand.

List of the 10 strangest meals in Thailand

1. Goong Ten

goong teen

Goong Ten in Thai means dancing shrimp. This dish is prepared with prawns, still alive, adding lime juice, cilantro, onion, fish sauce and chili. The preparation process is already curious but the sensation when eating it is even more shocking. A safe, unforgettable experience.

2. Goong Shae Nam Pla

goong shae nam pla

Another dish with raw prawns. The prawns are soaked in fish sauce and then garnished with chili, garlic and lemon juice. With a salty taste, sour and spicy at the same time and a texture difficult to explain, we could say that it is similar to Japanese sashimi.

3. Kai Mod Daeng

kai mod daeng

Red ants are considered a delight in Thailand. The Kai Mod Daeng is a preparation of red ants and their eggs. Red ants feed on mango leaves and that’s why they taste sour. In contrast, their eggs give it a texture and taste similar to butter.

4. Malang Tod

malang tod

A variety of fried insects. This is the secret of Malang Top. Worms, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets or other insects are served with soy sauce and a little pepper. A potent source of protein with a salty, crunchy taste.

5. Pak Ped

pak ped

Pak Ped means duck’s beak. Thais do not waste any part of the animal and everything is susceptible to being eaten. Therefore, the beaks are marinated in soy sauce and then fried to create a crunchy texture.

6. Larb Lueat Nua

larb lueat nua

Raw, fresh veal marinated in its own blood and adorned with mint leaves. Salad-like, it’s possibly one of the most important challenges you’ll ever face.

7. Teen Ghai

teen ghai

As in other countries in the area, chicken feet are considered a delicious dish among the locals. More than a dish, it could be considered a hobby. Thai people spend their time chatting while tasting this curious gastronomic delight. They can be prepared fried or cooked to the taste of the consumer.

8. Kob Tod

kob tod

Kob Tod or frog fried is another very common dish in Thailand. The frog fried, confirming the topic, has a chicken flavor but its texture is harder than the musculature of the frog, nothing can compare as it is much more worked than the chicken.

9. Nu Na Yang

nu na yang

Moving away from the big cities, in the most rural areas, we can find the Nu Na Yang. Roast rat served with vegetables. Really complicated to find in the city, you will have to travel to the most remote areas to be able to taste it.

10. Rod Duan

rod duan

Looking very unpleasant, you’ll have to free your mind to eat it. These are bamboo worms but you will soon discover that they are a more than decent snack. The best option is to accompany it with a good cold beer.