As the best-known destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a lot to offer . We all know some acquaintance or relative who has been to Thailand. This knowledge makes us trust each other when we travel and we stop taking into account some details that are really important.

Thailand is a very westernized country but, even so, it keeps its own culture very different from ours. Although its inhabitants are very accustomed to tourism we must be careful with our behavior , especially outside the most popular areas, as they could hurt their sensibility.

What do you need to know about the visa?

The first point to take into account is that of visado. The European Union and most Latin American countries do not require any type of visa to enter Thailand for a period of between 14 and 30 days (may vary depending on the country). Other countries such as Australia, Russia, USA and Canada follow the same standard . On the other hand, the rest of Southeast Asian countries do not require a visa to enter by the agreement that exists between the members of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian countries). For other countries, we recommend that you go to the embassy or consulate of your country of origin for information and, if necessary, apply for a visa from your country before travelling.

Once we land in Thailand, everything changes. We soon realise that the culture is totally different. The situation, compared to our country of origin, becomes pleasantly chaotic. It is important to take things slowly and patiently in each of the procedures: passport control, baggage collection, change some money to local currency … in short, any necessary procedure on arrival.

What is the currency and official language in Thailand?

The official currency in Thailand is the Bath (THB). The change with respect to the euro is 1 EUR=40 THB and with respect to the dollar of 1 USD=30 THB. Logically, this is an approximation since it will depend on the change at any given moment. It is very easy to find ATMs in Thailand so we recommend to carry enough cash but not in very high amounts as, in case of need, you can always get an ATM. It is essential to tell your usual bank that you are going to travel abroad for two reasons: to unblock the card for payments abroad and to negotiate the bank commission in case it is necessary to use it.

The official language is of course Thai. At a phonetic level it is a bit complicated but what complicates its comprehension is the written language. It is based on Indo-Aryan writing and is absolutely impossible to pronounce and understand if you do not know the language. Fortunately, English is a very widespread language so if we defend ourselves with it, there will be no problem communicating. As we always recommend, it is very pleasant for local people wherever we travel to hear a word of the language from the mouth of a traveler. Learning a word or a simple phrase will quickly open doors for us as you will show your effort to integrate into their culture.

lenguaje tailandia

The easiest way to get around in the big cities in your free time is by taxi or skytrain. They are economical transports and work very well. Contrary to what people think, the tuk tuk is a more tourist-oriented means of transport than local people. In addition, sometimes it is a real adventure to negotiate with the driver the price and the route. If you choose this way, keep in mind that the Thais are very naughty and, of course, they will try to make the most of it. From One More Destination we recommend that you take these situations with good humor. They are extremely cordial and friendly people. Take the situation with sympathy and, sure, you will enjoy the moment.

There is another aspect that must be highlighted. Although Thailand is a very open and tolerant country, it is also very religious. We have to be careful with the dress when entering many of the places of religious worship. Many of them won’t let you in with shorts or shirts that show your shoulders. Travelers with very pronounced necklines will also not be allowed to enter. Be sure to bring a handkerchief so that you can cover yourself at the entrance to these places.

Attendance and vaccination insurance when going to Thailand

On the subject of vaccines, there is no obligation to travel to Thailand. Anyway, as we have commented in other posts, One More Destination always recommends getting vaccinated for Tetanus, Typhus and Hepatitis A and B. It is important to check your vaccination card to make sure they are all up to date and, if not, to update it to avoid a small detail ruining your trip. Also, and following the health recommendations, you have to keep in mind that Thailand has good medical facilities throughout the country so, in case of an emergency you should not worry about that. However, it is more than advisable to take out a travel assistance insurance that covers all types of unforeseen medical events such as delays or cancellations. If you need advice, we recommend contacting our trusted brokerage in Spain, SOSA&MAAD, who will inform you without any obligation.

I don’t think there is a traveler to Thailand who doesn’t think about shopping. Indeed, Thailand and, above all, Bangkok, is a fairly inexpensive destination. It should be noted that most cheap products are not original and although you may find high quality counterfeit products, the original brands will offer a higher price than in your home country. Especially keep in mind that some electronic products are not guaranteed outside Thailand.

What about the Thai climate?

The issue of climate in Thailand is a point of particular concern to those who come with the intention of enjoying its beaches. To resolve the doubt as quickly as possible, we would say that the rainy months in the Andaman Sea area (Phuket, Phi Phi or Krabi) coincide with the summer months, i.e. July, August and September. Conversely, in the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Thao) the rainy months coincide with those of October, November and December. It is good to take this information as a reference even if it cannot be followed to the letter.

playa tailandia

Since we are talking about Thailand’s beaches, we would like to highlight other paradisiacal destinations far from the most crowded areas. Koh Chang, Koh Kradan or Koh Mook are areas of incomparable beauty and more isolated from tourist overcrowding.

It is well worth preparing the trip with useful information before traveling to enjoy the country to the fullest.

Good trip!!