A crowd with flickering light of candles and color of flowers decorating floating object is familiar scene in a celebration occurring in a twelfth month in lunar calendar. It is one of wonderful Thai cultures when rivers and canals are full of water. One popular and well-loved story is that hundreds of years ago in the city of Sukothai, one of the King’s Ladies in Court named Tao Sri Chulalak or Nang Noppamas organized the first Loy Krathong where floating lanterns graced the waterways to pay respects to the goddess of the water while some believe that Loy Krathong has just been celebrated since the end of Ayutthaya era. Despite the confusing history, this gracious culture is still alive. Many people overlook its origin yet focus on the purposes of the ritual which is to show their gratitude to the Goddess of the Water on their plentiful use of water and ask for forgiveness in the ensuing pollution. Moreover, many people believe that floating the beautiful Krathong away also refers to flying away misfortune and bad things in the past and asking for good luck in the future.

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