If there is something that is often underestimated and is a big mistake, it is travel insurance. We understand that it is a nuisance to pay for something you hope not to use. It’s something that easily makes us wonder if it’s really necessary. Well, it is necessary and we almost believe that it should be obligatory.

Why is it important to have travel insurance?

A good travel insurance will prevent that, in case of any problem or unforeseen, you have the necessary coverage to continue traveling calm . This is where we want to focus. There are countless places that offer great deals on travel insurance at very affordable prices. We recommend reading carefully the coverage included because, if there is something worse than having a problem and not having insurance, is to have a problem with insurance and that it does not cover enough.

It is very important to take out insurance with as much coverage as possible. In the event of an accident or health problem, having access to the best medical services in the country is essential for your peace of mind. On the other hand, with a basic insurance the discounts will begin, delays in the proceedings, discussions and other problems that, from experience, we know well.

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What should a good travel insurance offer you?

Medical assistance

Good insurance should include both the cost of medical care, which we recommend to be at least EUR 60,000, and the cost of repatriation and home travel if necessary.

Travel assistance and cancellation insurance

It is also important to be clear about the difference between travel assistance insurance and cancellation insurance. They are different coverages and, in many cases, the cancellation insurance is not taken out due to ignorance and in the event of an unforeseen event that prevents travel, the basic travel assistance insurance does not cover the cancellation.

There are basic points of an insurance that covers practically any option in the market. The big difference is in the inclusion of cancellation insurance and, above all, the amount to cover in lost luggage and medical expenses. At this point not a penny should be cut. We always recommend the highest medical coverage to avoid scares.

Another very important point is when to take out travel insurance. If you only take out travel assistance insurance, you can take it out at any time before you travel. However, if you want to include the cancellation insurance, you must be clear that it is obligatory to do so at the time of contracting the trip. At the moment of confirming the trip, you must contact us to contract the insurance.

What is the best insurance that we can take out for a trip?

Most of the time you ask us about the best option or the best insurance company. We are specialists in tailor-made travel but not insurance agents. That’s why we leave everything in the hands of our colleagues from SOSA&MAAD, our trusted insurance broker . Its director, Antonio Sosa, is very helpful in clarifying points that we obviously do not control. The great advantage with them is that, in addition to a totally personalized treatment, they have access to all the insurance companies so they will offer you the best option depending on your needs.

We believe it is the best investment to have a smooth trip.