WANT TO TRAVEL: Tips for getting started

A trip to the other side of the world many doubts what ?, How ?, take the money? … Regardless of the country you visit, there are some certain points to consider. Hopely,  you’ll enjoy the trip with more experiences.

1. Establish relationship with local society, discover the authentic place you’ve traveled and meet wonderful people

2. The world is not as dangerous as we are told.
Travel with peace in mind while respecting local culture.

3. Pharmacy
No need to bring all medications “just in case”. The only really important is stomach medication either laxative or antidiarrheal, and ibuprofen.
Everything else just take up space and is more than likely not using it. If you will need during your trip, surely to find the place to buy it.

4. Open your senses.
There are amazing people out there that believe it or not, it will give you valuable lessons.

5. Do not take up a lot of money and take it distributed.
In case of loss or theft. it will not be a drama. It’s easy to find ATMs. Of course, the committee monitors and negotiates with your bank before leaving.

6. Always keep valuables in your daily backpack, carry it always with you and do not separate.

7. It is important to take out travel insurance.
One thing to be independent travelers and quite another to be a nerd without knowledge. Cover up your back and bring it along. In an emergency you’ll thank for it.

8. It is important to take a copy of the documentation.
We recommend you do on paper and USB format. What to wear? passport, copy of booked flights and plan your trip booked, primer international vaccines, travel insurance, visas, medical documents which indicate special for who requires medication.
The documentation for emergencies should be translated into English.

9. The more valuable you are carrying is your passport and photos.
Everything else is replaceable. Take care and worry, especially, of two things. Losing a passport you ruin a trip and lose the photos is losing memories.

10. Whenever you doubt aout what u should do something or go somewhere, contact us.
We are travelers just like you. We recommend objectively. Live each place as unique and enjoy it, you will not find another like it on the planet.

Have A Nice Trip!
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