To travel to any of the countries of Southeast Asia is not required any vaccination (only if you have been outside Spain during the last month in a country where there is yellow fever). However, this does not mean that it is not recommended to be vaccinated against various diseases, as a preventive measure..

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Why it’s important to get vaccinated

The three reasons to get vaccinated are as follows.

Because you travel to less sanitary developed areas

He thinks that in less developed countries any disease becomes more dangerous for two important reasons:

  1. The country is less healthily developed than any other western country, which may have the presence of diseases already eradicated in our country
  2. In the case of being infected with any of these diseases or viruses, the health services may not be sufficiently prepared to treat you correctly or in time, or you may even have to travel to other areas of the country where there are developed hospitals that can offer treatment

To avoid overloading our healthcare system

In addition to the above two reasons, which are purely focused on your own health and on avoiding the risks of illness in distant countries, vaccination is also highly recommended for the pure efficiency of the health system: the cost of a vaccine is on average about fifty times less than the cost of treatment to cure the same disease. So from OneMoreDestination we recommend that you get vaccinated to avoid burdening the public health system inefficiently.

To not put people in your environment at risk

Finally, not getting vaccinated can also be a risk to your family and friends when you return: you can bring diseases with you that even if they don’t pose a mortal risk to you or anyone else, they will make those people need treatment. It’s stupid to put third parties at risk simply by not getting vaccinated.

Talk to your doctor

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Before leaving on a trip, visit your family doctor and ask for his or her vaccination recommendations for the country you are going to visit. Although some vaccines may be optional (depending on whether you are going to move through urban or rural areas etc) and he will surely tell you which ones are strictly necessary, the vaccines we recommend to travel to Vietnam are the following.

Vaccines we recommend for Vietnam

Most vaccines for Vietnam have already been given to you as a child and teenager, although it is recommended that you pay attention to the following:

  • Hepatitis A and B. The most common strains of hepatitis can be contracted through bad food. Although part of the population suffers from it and eliminates it without apparent discomfort and without knowing it, it is stupid to overload the liver with liver inflammation if you can avoid it.
  • Tetanus (if you have already done the reminder vaccine a short time ago it is probably not necessary to get vaccinated).
  • Typhoid Fever

Information on Malaria and antimalarial treatment: Although decades ago malaria prophylaxis was highly recommended for travel to Vietnam, malaria has been virtually eradicated from the country for years. It is only and exclusively an option to consider if you are going to trek through jungle or swamp areas and you are going to be there for several weeks, a type of trip that is not very common and that is made by a profile of very specialized and concrete travelers such as nature photographers, scientists and explorers. In any other case and for the conventional traveller, antimalarials are not recommended due to the side effects they cause and whose inconveniences may prevent you from enjoying 100% of your trip.

If you have any questions, you can get more information about taking out a insurance for your trip to Southeast Asia.