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You want to visit Vietnam, but you don’t know how to get visa to this beautiful country. We telling you now. Hope that this information is useful for your trip.

 First we have to know what kind of trip you have.
If you enter Vietnam once or you go to other neighboring countries route and back. It will not be the same type of visa. The visa is depend on the number of entries and duration of the trip.

 We have two ways to get a visa to Vietnam.

The first would be sending your passport to Vietnam Embassy in your home country and wait on average five business days process visa applications with approval. This procedure is quite expensive and involves sending your own passport by mail. The procedure, unless last minute update, is hovering around 80 Euros for a single visa 1 month single entry.

We have another easier and cheaper option: the visa on arrival.

The visa on arrival (Visa on Arrival) can be done without problem once we land in Vietnam. Yes, you need an Invitation Letter previously processed. This letter authorizes you to make the visa once arrived at the destination airport. The process is simple and much cheaper. You just need to fill out the entry form, submit a passport photo and pay the appropriate visa fee.
This fee varies depending, as I mentioned above, the number of entries and duration of travel:
– $45 for single entry to the country for a period of 1 month
– $65 for multiple entry for 28 days
– $95 for multiple entry for 3 months
This fee is payable directly at Vietnam airport cash in USD or Vietnamese Dong. If you go with euros you can put any problem or you make an exchange. However, we recommend to bring dollars to the process.

 The invitation is valid only for air tickets. If you have plans to enter Laos and Cambodia from land, this option serves as no visas are processed at land border crossings. In this case you should take the previously issued visa.

 Another important detail is the validity of the passport. You passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of departure. It is important to check this before proceeding because, if for some reasons, the card is processed and an error of observation, you will stand at the airport and no visa is processed. This will involve taking the first flight back home.
The invitation letter is a procedure that costs 15 USD. In our case, to organize the trip to Vietnam and book, we include the invitation letter at no charge.
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