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Introduction of Vietnam

What is your dream’s trip? Just tell us. We would like to to bring your trip to Vietnam to be a unique experience. For this reason, our work is focusing on customization, in which itineraries would be designed based on your style, favorites.

We believe in dream travel and we are convinced that the trip should be the one that is suitable to you, and not the kind of popular or regular trips which is not depend on fixed dates or departures on specific days. We are together to design your dream trips.

All our products are shown with final prices without surprises, which is including with full services during the trip. In case you want to change, delight any details, please just consult us and we would like to make it possible.

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Would you like to combine your trip with Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos or other destinations?

A trip to Vietnam always becomes an unforgettable experience. Moreover, One More Destination could make it impressive when designing with combinations as some extensions of Cambodia, Laos or recommended destinations. Both Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Laos are perfect cherries for your Indochina trip.

Other countries such as Thailand or Myanmar are great options of diversity Southeast Asia journey as well. Upon your duration trip, they can also be an amazing combination Vietnam since they represent completely distinguishing cultures that contrast and complement each other in an incredible way.


What to visit in Vietnam trip

The essential points in your trip to Vietnam

The Vietnamese daily activities are displayed lively on street vendors where young people having a tea, coffee and chatting on small plastic chairs; narrow streets are invaded by motorcycles.

Some travelers are shocked at the beginning with the impression of a country chaotic traffic for the senses, but with very security and tranquility. With chaos mixes with the rustic beauty of its incredible postcard landscapes, Vietnam, an incredible country that remains in the memory forever.



Vietnam is a simile of a book with legends, and Hanoi- the capital, the main chapter of this book. After a thousand year under Chinese domination, following 100 years as French colonial, Hanoi represent an image of intercultural intersections between Eastern and Western. The beauty of its architecture, the local hospitality and the curiously organizing chaos of streets, alleys; all makes Hanoi become the most fascinating city in Southeast Asia.


Halong Bay

The Vietnam journey would not be complete without going on a traditional wooden cruise enjoying the spectacular Halong Bay, a descending dragon bay with its iconic limestone islets and emerald waters. It is a perfect place to relax, admire the best of nature creation that offers tourists in a mystical and magnificent experience, an incredible feat of nature that almost never fails to impress.



Located in the center of Vietnam, it is one of the gems of your trip to Vietnam. Hoian, simply, falls in love. Former fishing village and important commercial port that has remained intact for the past 400 years. Strolling through the streets of Hoian is a journey through time with French, Chinese and Japanese influences. Also, you must not forget that the most reputed gastronomy is in the central area of Vietnam.

Discover Hoian >>



In the center of Vietnam, Hue is considered as the cradle of Vietnamese history, which was the great imperial capital of the country since 17th century until 1945.

A quiet city located on the banks of the Perfume River is an essential place to discover the mystery history of the last dynasties of Vietnam.



Someone states that: “Sapa is an excessively tourist zone and it is absurd to waste 2 nights of train to see the northern area”. This is something that makes me very surprised of their complaint. As I approach him and ask him what his experience has been, the answer is to wait: “I have read it on the Internet”; but I think that they are totally wrong. This entry will be based on my personal opinion without intending to criticize the opinions of others.

Discover Sapa >>


Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City was called as Saigon- the previous capital of temporary Southern Vietnam Authority until 1975. At that time, it was dubbed as “the Pearl of the East Asia” during the French- American colonial era for more than well-deserved reasons. Ho Chi Minh still maintains its charm and romanticism by time with its architecture, pace of life and the explosion of development, it is striking to see the contrast between the colonial era and the extreme modernity in its streets.


Ninh Binh

With distance of 90 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh province is some of the most hidden picturesque landscapes in the North of Vietnam. When mentioning about Ninh Binh, we would like to talk about Trang An, Tam Coc or the Cuc Phuong National Park; which are some of the highligh places to worthy visiting. This wonderful plain surrounded by imposing Limestone Mountains was considered as the very first ancient capital during the 3 Dinh, Le and Ly dynasties.


Mekong’s Delta

Mekong Delta has been created by alluvium of 2 big rivers Tien Giang and Hau Giang; before they flow to East Sea and Gulf of Thailand. It is is not only the most important agricultural and fishing region of the country, but also one of the most popular tourist destinations where you can enjoy a cruise trip on traditional Sampan through small canals, taste fresh tropical fruits harvested directly from the local gardens and discover the intense morning activity in its floating markets along the tributaries of the Mekong River.


Other destinations

Before traveling to Vietnam, it is recommend to research about essential destinations. Vietnam is an interesting country, in which there are specific places you should keep in mind to complete a unique trip. Beside big cities that we mentioned above, it is more than recommended to visit the rural areas. Vietnam, a country full of surprises in our selected places list. Let’s make your own unique trip to this wonderful country!


Ha Giang

In the Northwest of Sapa, Ha Giang is one of the most remoted areas of the country. Impossible loops and cliffs of vertigo are waiting adventurous travelers to discover. If you are a lover of loops and motorcycles, let us show you an incredible Ha Giang on mountainous curve routes.


Mai Chau

The valley of Mai Chau becomes an alternative option for those who are not willing to travel to Sapa.

An area with spectacular rice fields and traditional stilt houses of the Thai ethnic group would be a good option for hiking surrounded by an impressive nature.


Da Lat

The city of flowers, love and fog … are some of the names of this city in south-central highland Vietnam. A city known among Vietnamese for its mountain scenery and perfect weather all year round, French villas. This highland city was discovered by French as a winter resort in a tropical country last century. A very good option if you have several days of travelling..


Quang Binh

Quang Binh, the unknown province. Known with the recent discovery of the world’s largest cave (Son Doong), although it is not considered as regular touristic destination, Quang Binh offers other interesting alternative visits, in which the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is one of them. A special corner for the most adventurous..


Vietnamese Heaven Beach

With the advantage of long coastline, Vietnam becomes an ideal destination for the relaxing beach vacations. The crystal clear water, long and little trafficked beaches and the wide range of accommodation, all make your selection of the relaxation place difficult. Therefore, Let us give you some brief ideas.


Phu Quoc

As a lover of paradise beaches, One More Destination would like to take you to Phu Quoc, the largest island in the country.

There are a variety of accommodation with all tastes and budgets. In addition, Phu Quoc Island well-known as “the island of the pearl”, will surprise you if you decide to cross it in motorcycle



Mui Ne-Phan Thiet

5 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet is a coastal city as one of the most curious places in the country: a desert of sand a short distance from the coast.

A quiet and local place with little hotels offer but that we are sure that it will surprise you.


Con Dao

The island of Con Dao is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Turquoise water shines like a jewel, a unique marine fauna in the country, a landscape with full of cliffs and deserted beaches.

It is not only an ideal destination to relax but also place for adventure lovers.



Beside the charm of the ancient city, Hoi An is also an attractive beach destination. Although its waters are not as spectacular as in other destinations, it is the ideal option for those who have limited time travelling. Countless lodging options along the coast that offer frequent shuttle bus to downtown Hoian several times a day for those who are restless and prefer to have more time lying on the sand.


Vietnamese Gastronomy

The international fame of Vietnamese cuisine makes your trip to Vietnam worthwhile and plentiful. An amazing trip that encompasses all the senses and flavors. Let’s go and we’ll show you why Vietnam is rated as one of the best cuisines in the world.


The essential meals

Possibly, the best way to get to know the authentic Vietnamese cuisine is to stroll through the old neighborhoods trying some of the best street food. If it is not your travel style, it is also possible to taste your best dishes in one of the many restaurants.

We show you our list of essential meals that you should not miss on your trip to Vietnam.

The essential meals >>


The strangest dishes in Vietnam

And if you like risk and test your limits, Vietnam also has strange dishes to offer. It is time to leave prejudices aside and discover the most bizarre gastronomy. We show you a selection of the strangest dishes you can find.

You dare?

The strangest dishes in Vietnam >>


The best restaurants in Vietnam

A family dinner or a romantic moment with your partner, it does not matter what the reason for your trip is. We would like you to enjoy it to the fullest. Because of this, it is important to know where to go out for lunch or dinner. We have selected the best restaurants in Vietnam to write down on your bucket list before flying to Vietnam.


Cooking classes in Vietnam

Above articles are mentioned about Vietnamese food. So it is interesting activity which become fashionable in recent years in Vietnam is cooking courses. It’s true, Vietnamese cuisine is fun to join one of these express courses that will teach you, among other things, how to prepare the well-known Vietnamese spring rolls.


Accommodation and transportation in Vietnam

Vietnam, befor traveling

Although Vietnam is a very safe country, a little preparation before your trip never hurts. Vietnam has many peculiarities: the visa information, the type of currency and exchange or a few hygiene and health tips can be useful before flying. There is nothing to worry about them as long as you follow our travel advice.


Visa to Vietnam

To travel to Vietnam, there are certain countries that do not need a visa. Spain is among them although there is some exception: the stay can not be longer than 15 days and is valid for a single entry into the country. That is, in case of leaving and re-entering the country to visit another neighboring country, it will be necessary to process the visa. For the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries it is necessary to process it, whatever the origin.

Book the trip of your dreams with One More Destination and we will process your visa free of charge!

More information about the Visa >>



There are no mandatory vaccines to travel to Vietnam if you are Spanish. However, there are recommended, such as Hepatitis, typhus or yellow fever. The same regulation applies to Latin American citizens. Different from other countries, it is not necessary to have vaccination card to access Vietnam.

We recommend, anyway, visit your nearest vaccination center.


Currency and change

The local currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). It is relatively easy to find places to change euros or dollars. You can check our entry about the currency exchange in Vietnam.

The official exchange rate is much more stable with respect to the US dollar (around 22,000 VND for each USD) than with the euro (around 24,000 VND for each euro).

More information about the currency exchange >>


The best time to travel

Although there is no better or worse time to travel to Vietnam, it is true that you should take into account some aspects. In general, there are 2 seasons in Vietnam: Dry season is from October to April of next year, while Rainy season lasts from May to end of September.

The common question is always the same: should I travel in the rainy season? The answer is: Why not? The monsoon brings a heavy rain in maximum 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. The rest of the day is sunny. Also, if you like to enjoy nature, the summer months (monsoon) with beach and travelling Mekong Delta are the best time for these. Tell us your dream trip and let us help you choose the best time of the year!


Transportation in Vietnam

Whatever type of trip you are planning, it is good to know the different transportation options in locals.

Although the means of transport in Vietnam are well developed, it is important to assess the transportation schedule, price, connection, or the duration transfer between destinations.

Whether your idea is to travel by car, bus, train or plane, you need to read our below recommendations.


Airlines in Vietnam

Basically, there are Vietnam Airlines, and 2 low cost airlines Vietjet Air and Jetstar.

One More Destination recommends not to book low cost flights in Vietnam as they are of dubious reliability, while in our bookings, we avoid to arrange trips with this airlines which may ruin your schedule. The reason is not only because of the service quality but also for the irregularity of schedules/cancellations.

We understand that in a great trip every single minute is worthy. That’s why we do not prefer these 2 airlines. Although it is true that there can always be some delay but in the case of Vietnam Airlines gives us much more confident.


Trains in Vietnam

The railway system has played an important role in transportation in Vietnam since the late nineteenth century. Most of the railways in Vietnam were built by the French and there has not been much change for more than a century. That is why it becomes an unforgettable experience.

In any case, it takes more time in traveling by this kind of vehicle if the distance is long. As well as the Hanoi-Lao Cao-Hanoi route, to visit Sapa, it is an amazing experience that we always recommend clients to try; the rest of the transfer is much more convenient to make them by plane since the cost is not very different while you can save up to 12 hours of travel.


Cruises from Halong Bay

Halong Bay is probably the highlight of the trip for most of travelers. There are plenty of options to navigate, both in cruise companies and type of trip. We do recommend have one or 2 nights on board. There are some cruises that offer a night on an island but, honestly, we believe there are much better beaches in Vietnam and time for staying on island is short, not enough to enjoy much activities while the cruise experience is unique in your Vietnam trip.


Private transfers

There are options for public bus transfers and private transfers. One More Destination can help you to arrange itinerary in any of the 2 cases.

The good thing to know is that how much price difference, how to mix these transportation means to get possibly comfortable quality and maximum enjoyment of the trip

Therefore, we would like to advise you the best solution and make your perfect travel idea. Ask our consultant!


Travel tips for Vietnam

From OneMoreDestination, we want to give you the best tips to travel to Vietnam, and that is why in this section we will be publishing our latest articles so you do not miss details, news, good advice, destinations and much more.


La experiencia de nuestros viajeros en Vietnam

Una petita gran agencia, programa viatges a mida ( preu – activitats ) tan per families, relax com d’aventura.
Vosaltres poseu una idea i ell s’encuida de tot.
Opera sobretot a Asia.
Plena confianza
Parlen catalá, castella, angles, vietnamita
Joan, Son Joan de Vilatorrada, Spain – 13/12/2014
La verdad que no tuvimos que preocuparnos por nada todo salió de maravilla y muy buena organización .. El servicio y calidad muy acorde con lo que pagamos y nos deja excelentes recuerdos y sensaciones gracias @onemoredestination por mostrarnos Vietnam …
Pedro Guido, Madrid, Spain – 25/12/2014
Una Gran opcion para visitar los buenos rincones del sudeste asiatico … desde luego por precio por atención muy cercana te resuelven todo desde luego ya tengo con quien viajar siempre en mis expediciones … si viajais… este es vuestro sitio sin duda!! gracias chicos ya me estais preparando otro para vietnam para el próximo inviernoooo
Marco, Madrid, Spain – 12/01/2015
Genial experiencia. Tanto en el trato de la agencia, como el de los guías y hoteles con los que trabaja. 100% recomendable si quieres conocer de cerca Vietnam. Gracias David por tu trato!
Jon, Madrid, Spain – 07/04/2015
Enamorada de Vietnam y su gente! (Mi rincón prefe: Sapa ♡♡♡) ^^ Gracias David por toda la ayuda recibida! Muy atentos en todo momento, seguid así :)
Marta y Adrián, Granollers, Spain – 10/04/2015
Todas las recomendaciones, consejos y guías que nos han ofrecido David y su equipo han sido fundamentales para que hayamos podido sacarle todo el provecho a estas tres semanas que hemos pasado de viaje en Vietnam, Camboya y Tailandia. El sureste asiático es muy grande y no da tiempo a ver todo. Gracias David y a One More Destination en general por toda vuestra organización en nuestro viaje de aventura, el Tour por Hanoi, trekking en Sapa, el barco de la Bahía de Ha Long.. y demás consejos. Un viaje inmejorable!!!
Norat Rosello, Valencia, Spain – 31/08/2015
Conocimos a David en Fitur y enseguida nos contagió de ese cariño y conocimiento que tiene del sudeste asiático. Acabamos de volver de un viaje a medida visitando Vietnam, Laos y Camboya, y todo ha estado genial. Muy buena organización tanto en la preparación como durante el viaje, disponibilidad para contestar nuestras dudas y un montón de detalles que marcan la diferencia.
Mil gracias por todo, ojalá volvamos a coincidir!!
Mery y Ramón, Burgos, Spain – 03/09/2015
Great holidays in Vietnam / Cambodja. Thanks to David and his team of Onemoredestination. They make our fantastic holidays. They recommend us how to plan the trip and at any moment They were there to help us. Thank you so much.Very professional and great personal relationship.
Gemma y Joan, Igualada, Spain – 10/09/2015


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