By now you should know that to come to Vietnam you need an entry visa. And if you didn’t know, I’ll tell you. I will try to explain in the simplest possible way how this odious procedure works.

First we have to know what kind of trip we are going to make , that is, if we are going to enter Vietnam only once or we are going to make route through other neighboring countries and come back. It will not be the same type of visa depending on the number of entries and the duration of the trip.

What are the ways to get a visa for Vietnam?

We have two ways to get a visa to Vietnam. The first would be to send your passport to the Vietnamese embassy in your country of origin and wait an average of 5 working days for it to be returned to you with the famous sticker. This procedure is quite expensive and involves sending your own passport by post. The procedure, except for last minute updates, is around 80 Euros for a single month visa with a single entry. We have a simpler and cheaper option: the visa on arrival.

The visa on arrival (Visa on Arrival) can be done without problem once we land in Vietnam. However, you will need a previously processed invitation letter . This letter authorizes to make the visa once arrived at the airport of destination. The procedure is simple and much cheaper. All you need to do is fill in the entry form, submit a passport photo and pay the corresponding visa fee. This fee varies depending, as I mentioned above, on the number of entries and the duration of the trip.

Visa fees and duration

– 45 USD for single entry to the country with a duration of 1 to 3 months
– 65 USD for multiple entry for 28 days
– 95 USD for multiple entry for 3 months

This fee is paid directly at the Vietnam airport in cash in U.S. dollars or Vietnamese dongs. If you go with euros it is possible that they put you some problem or that they make you a change of currency to its air. I recommend to take dollars for the procedure.

Note that I always talk about the arrival at the airport to process the visa in this way. The invitation letter is only valid for air tickets. If you plan to enter from Laos or Cambodia by land, this option does not work since visas are not processed at land border crossings. In this case you must carry the visa issued earlier.

Another important detail is the validity of the passport. It is not enough to have a valid passport. It must be valid for 6 months from the date of departure from the country. It is important to check this before the procedure because, if for any reason, the letter is processed and there is an observation error, we will present ourselves at the airport and no visa will be processed. This will mean taking the first flight home.

The letter of invitation is a procedure that costs 15 USD. In our case, when we organize the trip to Vietnam and book, we include the letter of invitation free of charge. Ask us for more information here

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