About us

The OneMoreDestination Team

OneMoreDestination we don’t want to define ourselves only as a travel agency, because strictly we are not just that. We are travelers and experts in the tourism industry, both equally . We can work in two ways:

  1. Directly with you, if you contact us directly so that we can organize a route to suit you for one or more countries.
  2. Through agencies that contact us to organize trips tailored to their customers.

We are recommended as a receptive agency for most destinations in Southeast Asia and have the DMC seal of www.centraldereceptivos.com

Here you can read an interview that CentralDeReceptivos.com did for us at our FITUR 2018 booth.

What is a receptive and a DMC?

The concept of receptive is defined as who receives or is able to receive something . In the world of tourism industry, therefore, a receptive is that organization, company or agency that is responsible for receiving visitors or travelers at the destination, to be physically present and have infrastructure there. A receptive is therefore an organization or agency that knows the area perfectly and is responsible for guiding and assisting the traveler at the destination.

DMC stands for Destination Management Company or Destination Management Company. An agency is considered DMC only if it specialises in the design, organisation, logistics and complete management of a journey from before the arrival of its customers to the day they return home. To put it another way: any company with the DMC seal must know firsthand the destination in which it works and be able to organise and take care of absolutely all the aspects and details involved in that journey.

Tailor-made trips to suit your needs

All of us members of OneMoreDestination.com were once hardened travellers who suffered at some time from not knowing the area we were visiting. We realized that the best trips were those in which you were accompanied by a friend, a connoisseur of the area who guided you when moving around the destination and had instant answers to all the doubts you had. Was it possible to apply the same concept within the tourism industry of Southeast Asia? With that idea in mind, David Aiza, General Manager of OneMoreDestination.com, along with other Spaniards living in Southeast Asia and experts in the tourism industry, created OneMoreDestination.com in 2014: a travel agency specializing in Southeast Asia, focused on the public of Spain and Europe to offer different, personalized tourism experiences, away from the packs of mass tourism and offering a close relationship with the traveler.

We: the experience of a team of travellers at your disposal

All members of OneMoreDestination know Southeast Asia like the back of our hand and as a team we can organize any type of trip the client has in mind, from trekking adventures to five star honeymoons . From our experience as travellers, backpackers and backpackers who have spent several dozen slippers touring this area of Asia -and since 2014 also as experts in the tourism industry-, we work actively to get out of the conventional tourist routes without leaving the most emblematic places, to jointly offer you an innovative and totally new vision of what a tailor-made trip is. Through a network of partners locally and in Spain, we are sure that your dream trip can become a reality: duration, destinations, type of trip, budget … tell us what you have thought and we will design it.

Going out of the conventional is possible

At OneMoreDestination we continue to believe in dream trips that break the stereotype of “tourist package” so widespread today: we believe in travelers more than tourists, in integration with local life and in actually discovering the destination. These are the bases on which we began to travel and on which we created the OneMoreDestination project; we only want to deal with you from traveler to traveler who perfectly understands your needs . We also decided to create the agency with the idea of making customers feel the security and peace of mind that transmits travel from the hand of a Spanish like them, who can assist and help them at any time and at any time during the trip.

Where are we?

We have physical offices in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Bangkok (Thailand), which allows us to work in the field and have first hand information of what is happening in our destinations. In short: we are physically at the destination and from here we control everything directly.

How many of us are there?

OneMoreDestination’s team of agents is made up of 11 people who speak Spanish, English, Vietnamese and Thai and who are available 24 hours a day for any emergency by our clients or any of the agencies that contract our routes.

Presence online and in person

In OneMoreDestination we are fans nº1 of the new technologies so that the contact with you is as near, comfortable and fast as possible. Phone, email, web, Skype, WhatsApp… keep in touch with us in the way that is most comfortable for you before, during and after your trip. In our blog we also post interesting information about culture, gastronomy, areas to visit and curious information about the destinations. In addition to the website and telematic communication channels we are present at events related to the world of tourism such as FITUR in Madrid.

Environment: corporate responsibility

We always carry out our work on the basis of respect for the environment, there is no other option. We are aware of how important the preservation of the natural environment is; as travellers we bet on zero impact and as agents we continue to do so. For OneMoreDestination this aspect is very important and many of our efforts when planning routes are oriented on this premise. We also ask for the collaboration of all our travellers in order to maintain the beauty of the areas visited. We believe that the preservation of the natural environment is everyone’s responsibility, both local people and travellers.

Our clients: all profiles and budgets

Right now we don’t have a clearly defined type of customer but we work for very heterogeneous traveler profiles. For our experience we can organize routes both for travelers looking for luxury and services at the highest level and for low cost adventurers looking for unforgettable and culturally immersive experiences . Southeast Asia has become very accessible thanks to a varied offer of international flights in both companies and destinations, although in general Southeast Asia attracts the attention of travelers with rather adventurous profiles. Regardless of the type of trip chosen, the cultural abyss that crosses when travelling to this part of the world is what conveys this sensation of “adventure”.

Close and horizontal treatment

Our work philosophy is clear: to make the client feel as if he were at home. To achieve this, each member of the OneMoreDestination team personally receives his clients and clarifies all the doubts that arise upon arrival at the destination and before starting the route. In most cases this reception ends with a coffee or a dinner, where a more relaxed atmosphere breaks the formalities and allows to put face to the people who have been in contact with the client in a telematic way during the preparation of his route. We believe that you, as a traveller, value it, since with that we make you feel wrapped up from the minute one of your trip. On arrival we also deliver a local SIM with several contact numbers to be connected throughout the trip. In this way, we want to make agencies and clients understand that they don’t have to worry about anything: we are the ones who will take care of the communication, always informing them of the client’s situation.

Personalized adventure with services at the highest level

The product to measure is our specialty although we also work regular exits, groups and incentives . The most exciting thing about Southeast Asia is that each country has a totally different culture, so there is room for almost any traveler profile. However, at OneMoreDestination we believe that Vietnam or a combined Vietnam + Cambodia is the perfect choice for most customers. In both Vietnam and Cambodia the traveller will find all the essence of Southeast Asia and also an offer of very high level services.

The 5 stars have come to Asia to stay

Asian luxury is a reality , not only in hotel offer but also in any other type of exclusive services. An example: we organize honeymoons where newlyweds can sleep in a villa with a swimming pool on the first line of a private beach, fly over the world-famous Halong Bay by seaplane and dine in a totally private environment at a price, surely, less than they imagine before contacting us.

We keep exploring… for you

Despite having travelled extensively through all the countries of Southeast Asia, twice a year we make “exploratory” trips to all our destination countries in order to get to know first hand the best hotels, restaurants, beaches, means of transport and the general state of services and communications . Although it may seem very exciting it is, for one month a year and between 12 and 14 hours each day, analyze the general state of tourist areas and return to our offices with a feedback that allows us to recommend places to visit, accommodations to sleep in and restaurants in which to eat with the security that we advise you the best of each place.

Do you join us in this adventure? Contact us !