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In addition to discovering Cambodia on a private trip you can complement your adventure by visiting other neighboring countries. We recommend you to combine your trip with Vietnam or Thailand as the air links are direct. By creating your own tailor-made trip you can plan your experience with the combinations you want. Tell us how you want your trip and we will take care of everything .

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The essentials of your trip to Cambodia

Discover the wonders of Cambodia, a kingdom full of magic and nature, where the modern and the ancient coexist in total harmony. Its visitors are quickly captivated by one of the wonders of the world, the archaeological site of Angkor. It is true that Angkor is the most representative place in the country, but Cambodia has many other secrets to discover, such as its paradisiacal beach and the simplicity and joy of its people.

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Other places to keep in mind

Cambodia is a small country, but has a great history which highlights the heritage of the Khmer empire and its spectacular temples of Angkor. Our goal is to make sure that you visit the most outstanding places and also visit little-known places for a more complete experience.


Discover the paradisiacal beaches of Cambodia. Stay away from mass tourism and enjoy a few days of rest in one of its unspoilt beaches, surrounded by silence and total relaxation . We advise you to choose one of the beach destinations that Cambodia offers, it is not necessary to go far away to find impressive white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal waters .


A country with a natural and cultural richness like Cambodia could not be left behind in terms of gastronomy. The delicious Cambodian food varies enormously from north to south of the country. Don't forget to add to your itinerary stops to savour the delights of its gastronomy.

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Details to consider when travelling to Cambodia

Like the rest of the countries in the area, there are details that should be taken into account when traveling to Cambodia. That's why we give you some advice before you travel.

Means of
Transport in Cambodia

A complete experience in Cambodia should include all possible means of transport. For long journeys, an airplane is the best option. On the other hand, for urban journeys, the famous Tuk Tuk is an experience not to be missed.

Here are the most common means of transport in Cambodia. Prepare to try a new way to cross the cities of Cambodia.

Travel tips
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From OneMoreDestination, we want to give you the best advice to travel to Cambodia, and that’s why in this section we will be publishing our latest articles so you do not lose detail, news, good advice, destinations and much more. You can also take advantage of the trip insurance  offered by our friends from Sosa&Maad and enjoy a carefree trip.

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