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The essentials of your trip to Laos

Although Southeast Asia is known for its paradisiacal beaches, in the case of Laos we are talking about an inland country. Laos shares a border with Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south and Thailand to the west. Laos is a little-known country with a very underdeveloped tourism industry, which helps the country still keep many of its secrets to tourists who are not accustomed to move around outside the classic tourist routes and routes. Most of the attractions in Laos are oriented to more cultural and ethnic tourism. The main attractions in Laos are the following.

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Other places to keep in mind

Laos is a destination quite unknown yet. Who does know it focuses on the three most relevant points. Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Pakse are undoubtedly essential destinations in your adventure. From One More Destination we want to take you further. Show you the paradise of the Bolaven Plateau, go back in time reaching north in Luang Namtha or navigate the waters of the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng.


The gastronomy of Laos is very similar to any of the other countries of Southeast Asia. Specifically, many of the dishes of Laos cuisine are very similar to the Thai: in Laos we can enjoy the Lao Pad (known as Pad Thai in Thailand) and most of the curris present in Thai cuisine, such as green curry, yellow or red. In the gastronomy of Laos the use of vegetables and spices is very habitual, being very habitual the use of bamboo, papaya and rice. The most common condiment is fish sauce.

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Details to consider when travelling to Laos

Laos is the perfect destination for those who are looking to get to know the most rural and traditional Indochinese peninsula and prefer to leave the agglomerations far away. The number of tourist services in Laos is much lower compared to any other country on the Indochinese peninsula; in fact, services in general are all less developed. An example: Laos does not have a railway , so you will have to travel by bus or minivan. If you have experience driving motorcycles, the best way to get around the country is on two wheels (although you will have to apply for an international driving licence at the Dirección General de Tráfico before leaving Spain if you want to rent a vehicle in Laos).

Means of
Transport in Laos

As we have said before, Laos is a poorly developed country in terms of tourism, where 80% of the population survives on the basis of a subsistence economy. For this reason, the country’s transport network is a little deficient and you will always have to go to the bus. In fact, the transport network in Laos is so deficient that there is no rail network. To reach the most remote areas, the best thing is to rent a private vehicle such as a motorbike, which will allow you to move independently. For short journeys it is also advisable to use the tuk tuk or bicycle.

Travel tips
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