Terms and conditions

Confirmation and Reservation

At the time of confirming the reservation, it will be recorded via email and, once payment of the deposit has been made, the booking process will begin and the traveler will be informed as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of the reservation will take more or less time. In any case, One More Destination will keep the traveler updated of any detail related to the contracting of their trip.


At the time of confirming the reservation, One More Destination requires a deposit of 30% of the total of the final price of the trip. The rest of the payment can be made upon arrival without problem.
In special cases, One More Destination reserves the right to request additional deposits depending on the availability of services. In any case, One More Destination will always inform the traveler if necessary.


Payment can be made in a variety of ways.

  • Bank transfer in US dollars (USD), euros (EUR) or Vietnamese dong (VND). In all cases, the bank commission derived from the transfer must be assumed by the traveler.
  • Credit card. In case of making the payment with VISA or MASTERCARD, an additional 1.7% will be added as a bank commission. In case of using AMEX, the bank commission will be 3%. In this case we will request a signed payment authorization.
  • Effective. Only for payments on arrival in USD, EUR or VND.

Modification or cancellation

In case of modification or cancellation of services, One More Destination will never charge any extra cost. However, each service has its own cancellation policies so it is possible that additional costs may arise from the cancellation. In any case, One More Destination will inform the traveler in case this happens and will look for the best formula to solve the setback. If, after negotiating with the supplier, there are cancellation costs, the traveller will be informed. One More Destination cannot determine a percentage of cost since in each case we would make the effort to minimize that cost to the minimum.

If for reasons of force majeure, such as natural disasters, it is necessary to cancel any part of the trip, One More Destination will always offer the best alternative. If there is a difference in price with the original program, the difference would be reimbursed or the traveler would be consulted about the supplement before making any decision.


One More Destination is not responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of any item during the trip. Nor for any unforeseen incident due to natural causes such as floods, storms or earthquakes. Neither is it responsible for the delay or cancellation of flights, both domestic and international. If this happens, we will make every effort to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend travel assistance insurance. If the traveller so wishes, we can put him in contact with our agent in Spain, SOSA&MAAD insurance brokerage, to advise him on taking out the most appropriate travel assistance insurance in each case.

Privacy policy

Any personal data is private and confidential. One More Destination will never provide this type of data to third parties.
On the other hand, One More Destination reserves the right to use your contact details to inform you of the latest developments in products and services. If you do not wish to receive any type of information on the matter, please request it by sending an email to info@onemoredestination.com


We work every day to improve our travel programs. Always, case by case, we advise the traveler to make your trip an unforgettable experience. If for any reason, the program indicated on the website changes, the traveler will be informed via email if necessary.