Vietnam is the safest country in the world. That’s what the Daily Star newspaper decided. After analyzing in detail all the countries of the world, it has elaborated a list in 2 differentiated groups. On the one hand, the group of the most secure, headed by Vietnam, and on the other side of the scale, the “high risk” countries.
Clear is the traveler’s concern at this point. Safety is one of the factors that make you decide the destination of your vacation. That is why it is of vital importance to be clear which destinations are going to facilitate our stay in a natural way and which others can make our trip bitter.
According to the list of Daily Star, the group of safest countries includes Vietnam, Laos, Hungary, Switzerland, New Zealand, Fiji, Barbados, Gambia and Iceland in the top positions. The group of countries with “high risk of terrorism ” is made up of countries such as France, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Israel or Lebanon.

Why is it considered the safest country in the world?

Vietnam te recibe con una sonrisaWhile it is true that there are influential factors in the development of the group of high-risk countries, such as the political environment or the potential threat of terrorism, we can not take this group of countries as something referential because there are current and isolated events that have affected significantly when deciding.
What is clear, however, is that the list of safe countries establishes a history of events that makes the result 100% reliable.
Not only is security the factor that makes Vietnam one of the countries with the most notable increase in tourism in recent years. Gastronomy, millenary culture, nature and hospitality make Vietnam an essential destination in the traveler’s agenda.

Unequalled scenic charm

The big cities contrast with the local charm of the mountainous north of the country where the colorful ethnic minorities show us all their hospitality. Hanoi, the beautiful colonial capital; Halong Bay, a wonderful natural spectacle recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Hoian, an oasis of peace on the banks of the Thu Bon River; and Hue, the impressive former imperial capital. Places with identity that make it really difficult to decide on the favorite place of your trip.
Vietnam, el pais mas seguro del mundo
We don’t forget beach destinations. In a country with more than 3400 km of coastline, it is easy to find magical spots where you can rest and recover your strength after a hectic journey.
You see that there is no reason to worry about travelling to Vietnam. Now that you have it clear, you have no excuse. Visit our section of trips to Vietnam and contact us for any questions.
Happy Trip!