Myanmar has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in recent years. As we saw and commented in our previous post on whether it is safe to travel to Myanmar, this destination was selected some years ago as one of the most attractive tourist destinations and with the highest forecast for future growth, along with other known destinations such as Croatia.

This fame means that more and more travelers have Myanmar on their list of destinations for their next vacation. However, it is important to know that a visa is required to enter Myanmar, although it is very easy to obtain.

In this article we will explain you how to easily and quickly obtain a visa for Myanmar.

How to get a visa for Myanmar

Any tourist, whether Spanish or not, who wants to visit the Republic of Myanmar needs to have the corresponding visa.

As it happens in many other countries in the world, and as it is also common for other countries in Southeast Asia like Laos, you can get your visa for Burma once you arrive at the airport, in an embassy of the country (in Spain there is not one, so we do not recommend this option) or do it electronically.

The latter way is much faster and will save you queues on arrival in the country. Remember that to obtain your entry visa you must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months or more at the time of application.

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Information and costs of visa for Burma (Myanmar)

You should know that the visa for Myanmar is valid for a maximum of 28 days from the time you enter the country. The same visa has an expiry date of 90 days, which means that for 3 months from the time the visa is processed, you can spend a maximum of 28 days in the country.

In addition, the Myanmar visa only allows for one entry and one exit, which means that if you want to return to the country you will have to apply for another visa.

It is also important that in addition to a minimum validity of 6 months, your passport has at least 2 blank pages, one for the entry stamp and one for the exit stamp. For Spanish tourists the fixed cost of obtaining a visa is 50 US $, whether the visa is electronic or on-arrival.

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Visa for Myanmar on arrival

If you arrive at the Myanmar border and do not have a visa, do not worry, you can apply for one at the same border crossing.

The problem of having to apply for a visa on arrival is that we will have to wait in the immigration queue, which can be quite long if we enter the country through a busy airport and travel at a time of year when the country receives many tourists.

Getting a visa on arrival is as simple as filling out the immigration paperwork, paying the corresponding fee and waiting for the border official to stamp your passport.

The problem comes when there are many tourists who need to go through the same process as you, and sometimes the official on duty may try to charge you more than the legally stipulated fee.

Visa for Myanmar through an embassy

Burma does not have an embassy and consulate in Spanish territory, so we cannot use this method to obtain our visa.

There are, however, embassies and consulates of Myanmar in neighbouring countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

If we are already in another country in Southeast Asia and we need a visa for Myanmar, there are embassies of that country in Laos, Thailand and Indonesia to give some examples. However, this means that we have to go to the embassy to make the corresponding documentation to obtain our visa for Myanmar with the consequent loss of time and money in travelling.

In most cases tourists traveling to a country in Southeast Asia is through a route already scheduled, which means that deviating from it involves making certain changes in the itinerary. For that reason, the most advisable thing is to obtain the electronic visa, which we will receive in our e-mail in a pre approved way in a maximum term of 4 days.

Electronic visa for Myanmar

We can obtain the e-visa for Myanmar through the website of the country’s immigration ministry.

In this case the only thing we have to do is fill in the relative documentation, add a scanned ID photo (it can even be a photo taken with your phone where there is a white background) confirm our personal data, make the payment of the fees telematically with our credit card and receive the pre-approved visa in our e-mail within a maximum of 4 days.

The advantage of making the payment telematically is that the exchange rate to your way will be done automatically, without any extra costs. With this method we will save the queues to fill in all the documentation related to immigration and the only thing we will have to do is wait for the border official to stamp our visa and our passport upon entry to the country.

If you choose to do the e-Visa, we recommend that you print two copies of the e-Visa, as you may be asked to provide a copy of the e-Visa on entry and exit.

At OneMoreDestination we take care of everything

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